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For my workstations, I'm officially running #Fedora on 3 devices, and #openSUSE on 1.

I'm running #KDE #Plasma on all 4, and testing #COSMIC on 2.

That's a huge change over this time last year.

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I saw this meme going around so I fixed it

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I find that while I tried to immerse myself in the KDE Plasma ecosystem, I'm slowly moving back to GNOME apps. Fortunately most of these still look great under Plasma.

I struggle with the idea of running any "community version" of any software when the software isn't open source. I do not care to invest my time and energy into a community that could disappear on a whim.

I remember when I liked search engines ... when they were useful.

I've started testing NethServer 8, as well as blogging, and now the first post on the new blog has dropped:

NethServer 8 testing: Nextcloud, Samba AD, File Server

#NethServer #Nextcloud #SMB #Linux

So on #KDE #Plasma, if you wiggle your mouse really fast the pointer gets big. Temporarily. That's a fun feature.

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#LGBTIQ websites are blocked in many countries.

Take action:

1. Install OONI Probe:
2. Tap the LGBTQI buttons:
3. Tap "Run" to test LGBTIQ websites



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#AltText4U: A rrainbow in the background. Text in the middle saying "Help us measure the blocking of LGBTQI websites!".
The upper-left corner has the OONI logo.
Below the text in the middle is a link
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If I were an official of a government that wanted to block LGBTQ sites, but not sure which sites to block, I'd install OONI probe, hit that "LGBTQ-button" and observe the network interactions. I'd expect that to present to me the sites I want to block on a "silver plate".

Would that work?



Having one of those days where I spin up like 10 VMs just to see how different distros do things.

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Looking for a dev to help lead Mammoth. Needs passion for user experience & fedi, ideally has played a key role in end user app already. Codebase is in Swift + UIKit but we are flexible, want to talk to visionary devs. $5,000/mo, fully open source, AGPL. Can be a (major!) side hustle. HMU at bdecrem on g mail or bartdecrem on discord.

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Finally got my Friendica's Frio theme to a generally presentable point, with no big color issues. It's definitely to the point that I can move onto other projects and just circle back for tweaks.

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Developers need to move fast. Discover how the Bitwarden Secrets Manager integration for Ansible can accelerate and simplify your server deployment process in this recent article. 🛡️

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#Ansible + @bitwarden #SecretsManager integration isn't particularly likely to work for anyone who wants to pull secrets during loops, or template out two #secrets in one file.
Fix has been written, but not yet released.

Its unclear (to me) when the next #bitwarden #SDK release will be so at present not sure when we might be back in luck .

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"I'm gonna stop messing with this CSS as soon as I fix this one last thing ..."

Me, literally all night, trying to get the bugs out of my #Friendica instance.

Do you also crack a #beer or other beverage when you're editing CSS?

Upgrading one of my servers from XCP-ng 8.2.1 to 8.3 beta 2, cuz XOLITE!

WTF is this garbage? Things like this are absolutely the reason I'm supportive of crytpo, despite the fact that I wish it was more energy efficient. We need private payments without banks, random payment processors, and governments harvesting our data.

PayPal launching ad network fueled by user purchase data

Always glad to find out someone else encountered the same bug as me, and filed a ticket.

I've encountered this Nextcloud Desktop issue when installing from OpenSuse and Fedora repos, as well as from Flathub.

NethSecurity 8, the Linux firewall brought to you by the people behind NethServer, has its first stable release. I guess I know what I'll be playing with this week.